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Handmade Art Tile Porcelain Pendants

Inspired by William Morris Tapestries & Wallpapers, William de Morgan Tiles, My Cats,  and Anything That Strikes My Fancy

After making Art Tile for more than ten years, I felt ready for a change. Using the skills and knowledge that I developed as a tile maker, I have begun experimenting with handmade Art Tile Pendants.  As with many of my tiles, the designs of my pendants are inspired by designs by William Morris and other artists of the Arts & Crafts movement.  Each pendant that I make will vary slightly from what you see as they are all handmade and hand painted.  Most are approximately 2" in diameter.  Here are some examples of what I have been working on.  Please contact me for details.  
de Morgan Blue Carnations de Morgan Pink Carnations pendant yellow carnations    de Morgan Sunflower pendant
Blue, Pink & Yellow Carnation Pendants--                                                Sunflowers
These 2" porcelain  pendants were inspired by tiles designed by William de Morgan, a 19th century ceramicist and tilemaker.  De Morgan worked closely with William Morris, who produced some of his designs.

Woodpecker pendant woodpecker whiteSpeckled Morris bird
Alice and Cards pendant queen of hearts pendant

    swallow burgess blue bonnet bg      
Rudy cat pendant turqoise bg        rudy white bg 
 William Morris Hare foret tapestry pendant  
The Woodpecker and Speckled Bird pendants are from designs by William Morris -- The Woodpecker pendants are inspired by Morris' Woodpecker tapestry and the speckled bird is inspired by one of his wallpapers.  

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William Morris Wallpaper Pendants
The pendant on the left is inspired by a detail from William Morris's Artichoke Wallpaper. 
artichoke ble    daffodil pendant midnight blue
The Flying Bird pendant (right) was inspired by an image on a mural designed by William Burges (British 1827-1881) at Castell Coch in Wales.
The Hare pendant is inspired by an image on William Morris' Forest Tapestry.  I have also used this image on a 4 x 4" tile.
I have a black cat, Rudy, and a tortoise shell cat, Squeaks, who are the inspiration for these pendants.
Sir John Tenniel's illustrations for Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures In Wonderland provided the inspiration for these pendants.