Prince in Forest
Prince In Forest
4.5 x  6"

 Princess Bathing
Princess Bathing
 4 x 4"

Red Riding Hood Flowers
Riding Hood and Flowers
 4 x 4"

Red Riding Hood and Mother
Riding Hood and Mother
4 x 4"

Riding Hood and Wolf
Riding Hood and Wolf  4 x 4"

Inspired by
Gustave Dore

Wolf in Bonnet
Wolf in Bonnet
4 x 4"

Jack and Beanstalk
Jack & Beanstalk
4 x 8"

 Gretel on Duck Color
Gretel  on Duck
(3 color) 4 x 4"

Gretel  on Duck(brown)  4 x 4" 

Rumpleskiltskin spinning

4 x 4"

snow white embroidery

4 x 4"
Girl at Garden Wall
 4 x 4"

 Snow white colored
Girl at Garden
Wall (color)    
 4 x 4"

Pandora looks at box  Walter crane
Pandora Looks at the Box
4 x 4"

Mermaid and Comb
4 x 4"

Crane bathing at Sunrise
Bathing at Sunrise
4 x 4"

  Geese on Parade
Geese on Parade  8 x 4"

Horse Lord
6 x 6"

      Princess galloping     
     Princess Galloping
6 x 6"     

Fisherman Crane
The Night Fisherman
6 x 6"

Walter Crane (British, 1845-1914) was part of the Arts and Crafts movement. He produced paintings, illustrations, children's books, ceramic tiles and other decorative arts.  He was influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites, who preferred the simplicity of  medieval art to the Royal Academy's artistic traditions.  The tiles on this page were inspired by his illustrations in Household Stories of the Brother's Grimm, published in 1886,  by George Routledge  & Sons, an edition of Nathaniel Hawthorne's the Wonder Book, and the Faerie Queen, first published in 1896. 

   B. A. Schmidt Arts & Enterprises
Tiles Inspired by Walter Crane Illustrations

riding hood flowers color
Riding Hood and Flowers  (color)
 4 x 4"

riding hood mother color
 Riding Hood and Mother (color)
4 x 4"

riding hood and wolf color

Riding Hood and Wolf   (Color) 4 x 4"

 Inspired by
Gustave Dore

wolf bonnet color

Wolf in Bonnet
(color) 4 x 4"
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