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The Yoga Tile Collection

Mehndi Hand Tiles

Six Inch Tiles

6 x 6 in colored lotus hand  6 x 6 rose hand colored   6 in lotus brown stain 
6 in rose brown stain hand
Six Inch Lotus and Rose Hands shown in color and in brown stain

Four Inch Tiles

  4 in rose color hand   4 in lotus brown stain hand hand 4 in rose brown stain

Four Inch Lotus and Rose Hands shown in color and in brown stain

yoga hand board six inch tiles os

Sample Board Showing four 6 x 6" Tiles surrounded by 2" travertine and four 2" Yoga tiles (see below)
The Yoga Collection won the Coverings Select Award for the Best Artisan Tile in 2010.
Coverings is an international trade show for tile and stone.  It is the largest show of its kind in the United States and attracts exhibitors and visitors from over 50 countries. 


Six Inch Tiles

Elephant 6" brown stain  elephant 6" color  elephant 6" blue

Six Inch Elephant Tiles shown in Brown Stain, Color and Blue Stain

Four Inch Tiles

elephant 4" brown stain  Elephant 4" blue   elephant 4" red
Four Inch Elephant Tiles shown in Brown Stain, Blue Stain and Red Glaze

Om Tiles
In Yoga, Om is both the symbol and the sound of the Universe. 

ohm tile green on white  Ohm symbol red 
ohm white and bs  ohm cobalt and white 
Four Inch Om Tiles:  Green on White, Red on White, White on Brown Stain, White on Cobalt

Decorative Tiles

Four Inch Tiles

8 pt star with stamp  8 pt carribbean blue  lotus  jap lotus  jap lotus
  Eight-pointed star in brown stain & aqua; lotus in brown stain; ten petal lotus in brown stain & aqua

Two by Four Inch Tiles

2 x 4 rose hand  2 x 4 lotus hand  2 x 4 elephant

Two by four brown stain rose hand, lotus hand, and elephant

Two by Two Inch Tiles

2 in red yoga flowers   2 in blue yoga flowers 2 in mehndi hand right  2 in mehdi hand  2 in om  2 in emblem  2 in elephant aqua
Two by Two Yoga Tiles:  Yoga Flowers with Red and Blue backgrounds, Mehndi hands left and right; Om Tile in brown stain; Mandela Tile in brown stain; and Elephant in Aqua
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